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" Serving the Doylestown,
Chalfont, New Britain,
Warrington, Furlong,
Lansdale, North Wales
and Perkasie Communities."



Welcome to the Bucks County Psychotherapy Group founded by Ellen Faulkner, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist. Our psychotherapists provide counseling, psychotherapy, and provide referrals to psychiatric services in the Doylestown and Bucks County area. Our shared mission is to provide exceptional and compassionate psychotherapy for clients. We have an impressive team of therapists, couselors and social workers who also serve to fulfill this mission. Clients come to us for psychotherapy and counseling with an array of challenges.

    • Marriage Counseling
    • Addictions Counseling
    • Eating Disorder Treatment
    • Psychotherapy for Patients with Trauma
    • Psychotherapy for Depression/Anxiety

We believe in our client's right to psychotherapy in a confidential, supportive, and creative environment where any problem can be worked through safely. We commit to upholding the highest standards in our profession including ethics, confidentiality, and providing the most individually-tailored psychotherapy to get to the root of their problems once and for all.

Our Approach

We work to uncover the core causes of the pain or conflict that clients bring to us. Rather than rush people out of treatment when symptoms ease, we encourage and guide them through psychotherapy to get to the root of their problems once and for all.

We understand that true happiness is realized only when we experience and acknowledge our pain and work through the life struggles which caused the pain. Clients frequently remark about how much they learn about themselves within the very first therapy session and when it is time to leave treatment, they have not only resolved their most difficult issues, but have acquired insight and tools that will help them to face future challenges. As we work with clients, they begin to understand why the therapeutic relationship is the most critical component of our process as we offer ourselves as confidants, comforters, honest partners, and champions of success and happiness.

What will you gain?

Throughout our psychotherapy, we will walk side by side with you on your personal journey to self-understanding and to discovering more richness and joy in your life and in your relationships. You will learn to overcome the turmoil which disrupts your daily happiness… gain the confidence that your life is going to be OK and that you can handle the challenges you face… and you will reach a greater awareness of your own personal power, who you are, and how to take the necessary steps toward peace.



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